Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rak Nee Je Jad Hai - This Love...I'll Arrange


Broadcast: Channel 3
Year: 2014
Episodes: 13
Genre: Romantic/Comedy

Patchata Nampan - Pete/Paul
Peeranee Kongthai - Lookjun
Kanin Chopbradit - Art
Wansiri Ongamphai - Jum-Jim
Nattarat Maurice Legrand - Nat
Ornwipa Kanoknateesawad - Mintra
Jessica Pasaphan - Ingorn

Pete and Paul are identical twins. Pete is a famous celebrity in Thailand while his brother Paul travels around the world. 

Pete, who is gay, attempts to surprise his boyfriend on his birthday only to be shocked to find his boyfriend cheating on him. He is abused by him and tries to commit suicide when he returns home. News circulate that Pete had tried to kill himself, and in order to avoid a media frenzy he asks his brother to pretend to be him while he recovers from his injuries. Paul reluctantly agrees.

Unknown to Paul, Pete lives with his best friend, Lookjun. As he gets accustomed to his new lifestyle and grows closer to Lookjun, the two cannot help but fall for each other. Lookjun knows that Pete is gay but does not know the man she fell in love with is his brother Paul.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you very much for you work.
    A lot of lakorns from Channel 3 have been removed lately from
    Please, be careful.

  2. hi, thank you so much for subbing this lakorn. i have a request from you, my eyesight is not so good. could you please send me the softsub for the dramas you translated, so i can watch it on my media player and enlarge the font? i promise i will not distributed any of them. it's only for my personal use.
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  3. Hi Korat, can this be made available on Dailymotion like Nang Chada? I love to watch it in 480p so that it is clearer. Thanks alot.

    1. Sure, but it may take a bit. I have to redownload the video files and DM has a limit to how much I can upload per day.

    2. Sure, take as long time as you need. I am beyond grateful already for subbing and videos well as long as you don't forget, hehe and thanks again

  4. Hi again Korat! If it's ok with you, can we put this on the blog Thank you Jazmin

  5. Thank you so much for subbing this lakorn! I really appreciate all the work, time and dedication you put into subbing it. This is one of my favourites now. Thank you. :-)

  6. I really loved this lakorn. Loved the chemistry between this couple too. Thank you so much for subbing. You're the best!